The Rock Star Principals Podcast jams to all the latest and greatest in educational leadership! Join your hosts, "The Boss" Jon Ross and "The Doctor of Proctors" Nick Indeglio as they bring a unique blend of humor, timely topics, and "real" talk each episode. They bring the "Principal Perspective" to a wide range of topics! Rock out with "twisted steel and school appeal!"
Episode 72: The Rock Star Principals' Podcast

Today's episode continues the awesomeness from the PA State Principals State Conference where the President of NASSP, Mike Allison, breaks the big news that NASSP will join with NAESP in 2017 for a join National Conference in the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, PA!


Welcome to a double shot of Edu-Fame and expertise from two true Rock Stars in the field of K-12 education. Today's episode features two interviews live from the PA Principals Association State Conference 2015 :

  • Interview with Dr. James Stronge
    • Dr. James Stronge discusses the importance of hiring in K-12 education along with the best ways to go about making decisions.
    • Visit Dr. Stronge's website at
  • A Word from Our Fake Sponsor: CBS "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown"
  • Interview with Dr. Mike Schmoker

Join us next time for more awesome-sauce from the 2015 Conference as we share our live "Rock Star Principals" broadcast during the "Tech Labs," an interview with NASSP President, Mike Alison, and more!

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Read the "Digital Implementation Essay" submitted by the Rock Star Principals as part of their nomination for the prestigious NASSP Digital Principal Award. Their entire digital portfolio is available on their website at

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Episode 70: The Rock Star Principals' Podcast (Interview with Director Steve Yu)

Jon and Nick were honored to follow-up our movie review of "The Resurrection of Jake the Snake Roberts" by interviewing the movie's director, Steve Yu.

Steve's story is a fascinating one full of hard work and cosmic cooincidence. Now that he's created his first award-winning documentary, Steve is looking to continue inspiring others to make positive changes in their life.

This interview offers insights into Steve's view of the world and how the making of the movie, along with his time spent with Diamond Dallas Page, Jake Roberts, and Scott Hall impacted him.

This is a must listen for all educators and those wishing to inspire others!

Keep up with Steve on Twitter @docusteve


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Episode 69: The Rock Star Principals' Podcast Movie Review: "The Resurrection of Jake the Snake Roberts"

The Rock Star Principals were honored to join Diamond Dallas Page, Jake Roberts, Scott Hall, and Steve Yu at the Ritz 5 in Philadelphia, PA for one of the limited national screenings of the new documentary movie, "The Resurrection of Jake the Snake Roberts." In this episode, you'll hear the "Doctor of Proctors," Dr. Nick Indeglio, Zero Gravity himself, deliver the verdict on the film! You'll also be treated to some clips from the Question and Answer session that took place after the movie with all the stars of the film. As always, Jon and Nick keep it real and work in some funny anecdotes from the wacky world of education and profesional wrestling.

Just like the movie itself, you won't want to miss this episode!

The Rock Stars are back with a hot episode full of fun and edu-awesomeness!

  • Article Review: Delaying Kindergarten to Age 7... by Valerie Strauss from the Washington Post
  • A Word from Our Fake Sponsors: The PA Principals' Association State Conference
    • 10/18/2015 to 10/20/2015
    • Featuring James Strong, Justin Baeder, Mike Schmoker, Jay Paterno
  • Special Segment for Our Friends at PaTTAN: Social Media Basics
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Episode 67: The Rock Star Principals' Podcast

The Rock Star Principals bring you their most focused and intense interview to date as Dr. Douglas Reeves, founding partner for Creative Leadership Solutions and author of over 30 books along with 80 educational articles, joins the podcast for an in-depth interview. Dr. Reeves brings his experience as a Harvard University Distinguished Author and the Brock International Laureate to help educators take their game to the next level. 

The Rock Stars and Dr. Reeves discuss all the following and much much more:

  • Dr. Reeves' new book, "Inspiring Creativity and Innovation" Buy Here!
  • His upcoming follow-up book, "Elements of Grading: A Guide to Effective Practice" Pre-order here!
  • Grading: a case against giving zeroes
  • Using data effectively
  • John Hattie and Mike Schmoker
  • How can
  • What would Dr. Reeves choose as his superpower? (you'll never guess)

Don't miss this one!

Episode 66: The Rock Star Principals' Podcast

We were just re-tweeted by Burt Young, the real star of the "Rocky" Saga (@burtyoungartist)! We are thrilled. It's a life-long dream to "meet" (my) Dad's favorite character from the series! Twitter is the next best thing. But we want to get Mr. Young on the Podcast. Why? First, Burt Young's dad was a high school shop teacher. "Teaching" is in his blood. And all of you remember our highly popular segment, "Rocky's Punches of Perspicacity," and "Paulie" is a huge part of that.

Did you know:

  • Burt Young was a REAL professional boxer. In fact, he was 14-0!
  • Burt Young is an artist. The pictures Paulie were painting in "Rocky Balboa" were actually Burt's pictures.
  • Burt Young's art work is actually for sale and you can own it!

So in Episode 66 we discuss Burt's acting credits, his life, "Rocky," what made Paulie so special, and more!

But we need you to help us get Burt's attention again and on the show. Sure, we have 33,000+ listeners in over 105 countries, all 50 states, and on 6 continents, BUT we're hoping Burt will hear your voice! Reach out to him at:

  • Instagram: @burtyoungofficial
  • Twitter: @burtyoungartist
  • Facebook: look for "Burt Young's" Celebrity Page
  • Website:
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"Shootin' the Sh!t with RSP"

  • #RIPfromRSP = Jon's dog, Sandy
  • Disney Infinity 3.0 - Star Wars
  • The Universal Wrestling Federation Facebook Page (this is Nick's action figure wrestling federation from grade 3 til...well, now, actually...)
  • #RIPfromRSP = Reginald VelJohnson and Dennis Franz
    • They aren't dead.
  • We want Ronda Rousey (@rondarousey).
    • ...and Henry Winkler and Mr. Belding
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Episode 65 went off the rails quickly, but is still awesome-sauce!

  • Article Review: "Early School Start Times-Bad for Kids Academically and Emotionally" by Diane Schaffhauser
  • A Word From Our Fake Sponsor: Monday Night Football and MacGyver (ABC)
  • "Marc Mero Recap"
    • Marc Mero returned to Pennsylvania and visited 4 different schools including LMS and DMS
    • @marcmero
    • Parents attended...what did they think?
    • Jon's kids attended...what did they think?
  • A Word from Our Fake Sponsor: Marc Mero #Choices
  • "PSSA Re-boot: The RSPPA"
    • #RIPfromRSP (Moses Malone)
    • Where PDE and PA went wrong with the PSSA...
  • A Word from Our Fake Sponsor: "Sock 'Em Boppers"
  • "Shootin' the Sh!t with RSP"
    • #RIPfromRSP = Jon's dog, Sandy
    • Disney Infinity 3.0 - Star Wars
    • The Universal Wrestling Federation Facebook Page (this is Nick's action figure wrestling federation from grade 3 til...well, now, actually...)
    • #RIPfromRSP = Reginald VelJohnson and Dennis Franz
      • They aren't dead.
    • We want Ronda Rousey (@rondarousey).
      • ...and Henry Winkler and Mr. Belding
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