The Rock Star Principals Podcast jams to all the latest and greatest in educational leadership! Join your hosts, "The Boss" Jon Ross and "The Doctor of Proctors" Nick Indeglio as they bring a unique blend of humor, timely topics, and "real" talk each episode. They bring the "Principal Perspective" to a wide range of topics! Rock out with "twisted steel and school appeal!"

The boys are back for a new season of educational awesomeness! The show covers the next P from the 11Ps of Leadership, which is Positivity! It's a heartfelt, pragmatic, and philosophic discussion of an incredibly important topic.

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Jon and Nick are gearing up for their Keynote Speech this week at the Frontline Insights Summit in Orlando, Florida held at the beautiful Grande Lakes Marriot! Therefore, their "education brains" are even more fully tuned than usual!

  • Segment 1: The Rock Star Principals' 11 P's of Principal Leadership = Pluck
    • Pluck is spirited and determined courage.
    • Courage isn't courage without fear and gravitas.
    • Pluck comes into play every day in our vocation.
  • A Word from Our Fake Sponsors: Gallimaufry with Men of a Certain Age: Midlife Woolgathering (A New Podcast)
    • If you like the Rockstar Principals’ Podcast, then you’ll also enjoy Gallimaufry with Men of a Certain Age! An eclectic group of middle aged men will discuss anything and everything under the sun including foot pain, the glory days, nutrition, beards, afternoon naps, bending over, lawn care, tv remotes that you talk to, marriage, divorce, hating noisy places, hair growing in places it shouldn’t, lawn care, weight training, medications, forgetting things, cardio, choosing clothes for comfort, losing your keys, realizing every song your kids listen is inappropriate, forgetting things...wait, did I already say that? Professional wrestling, pipes, movies, and more…

    • Listen now through Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or Podbean at Follow us on Twitter at @GallimaufryMen

  • Important Article Review: "The Kids Who Use Tech Seem to Be Alright by Lydia Denworth from Scientific American
    • Researchers at Oxford University carefully examined data collected from over 350,000 children and determined that technology has not caused any harm.
    • Jon and Nick discuss aspects of the article as well as how to avoid some of the true dangers of social media addiction, FOMO, and comparing your real life to someone's social profile.
    • A preview of an upcoming related segment featuring a speech by Seth Godin.
    • More RSP awesomeness...
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Episode 123 drops with loads of educational leadership content!

  • Jon and Nick discuss Pennsylvania's Safe2Say initiative and program rollout.
  • RSP's 11 P's of Principaling: Plainness
  • Pop Culture: Red Dead Redemption 2 and Super Smash Brothers Ultimate
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Jon and Nick are on the road again with a meaningful episode. They boys discuss the mental health crisis sweeping the nation and affecting their own district. Then they lighten the mood with some pop culture. The episode ends with the wrap-up of the 20 Characteristics of Effective Teaching from research by the University of Minnesota. Tune in now!

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  • The Rockstar Principals give you a heavyweight championship compilation of their hit segments from Episodes 49, 50, and 51 featuring the enduring wisdom of Rocky Balboa!
    • Segment Compilation Includes:
      • Lesson 1: From Rocky Balboa (2006) “It ain’t about how hard you can hit; it’s about how much you can take and keep moving forward…” (Episode 49)
      • Lesson 2: From Rocky III (1982) “You’re the one that has to carry around that fear inside you…” (Episode 50)
      • Lesson 3: From Rocky IV (1985) “Going that one more round when you don’t think you what makes all the difference in your life (Episode 51)


*All quotes, music, audio, characters, etc. referenced are copyrighted and trademarked by and not limited to Sylvester Stallone, United Artists, MGM Distribution Company, Columbia Pictures, Revolution Studios, Chartoff/Winkler Productions, Bill Conti, Robert Chartoff, Billy Chartoff, Irwin Winkler, Charles Winkler, David Winkler, and Kevin King.

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  • Jon is sick but RSP carries on with a great episode filled with educational leadership content and more!
    • Today's show features:
      • The Rock Star Principals' 11 "Ps" of Leadership: the third P is Perspicacity
      • Article Review: 20 Effective Characteristics of Teaching Practices from the University of Minnesota: 11-15 are reviewed in this segment
      • ATT Commercial: Just Ok is Not Ok (Tattoo Parlor)
      • RSP Pop Culture Segment reviews Netflix’s The Bodyguard, Aquaman, Titan Games, and takes a stroll down memory lane with Over the Top and Mt Bodyguard!
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  • The holidays are upon us and we are still rocking and rolling. Enjoy your winter break and listen to us!.
    • Today's show features:
      • The Rock Star Principals' 11 "Ps" of Leadership: the second P is Patience and we discuss its importance in this segment
      • Article Review: 20 Effective Characteristics of Teaching Practices from the University of Minnesota: 6-10 are reviewed in this segment
      • The Avenger's 4 Endgame Trailer
      • RSP Pop Culture Segment talking the best and most unique versions of “A Christmas Carol.” Which was your favorite? Jon and Nick share theirs!
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RSP is back on the audio podcasting airwaves and we're here with a vengeance! With a big keynote address coming up in March and a book project, Jon and Nick are hitting you with original RSP content along with the usual unique blend of humor and educational insight. Today's show features:

  • The Rock Star Principals' 11 "Ps" of Leadership: the first P is Passion and we discuss its importance in this segment
  • Article Review: 20 Effective Characteristics of Teaching Practices from the University of Minnesota: the first 5 are reviewed in this segment
  • The Avenger's 4 Endgame Trailer
  • RSP Pop Culture Segment talking Avengers, Creed II, Aquaman, and more!
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RSP on YouTube


Jon and Nick discuss the recent article featuring a student who was "ditched" on prom night by his supposed friends. The next day, a group of real friends who knew what happened held a "Fake Prom" to turn a negative into a positive. 

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The Rock Star Principals wrap up their school year discussing authentic learning, Capstones, Awards Ceremonies, the 4 Cs, and moving away from a focus on standardized testing and things that simply don't matter.

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The Rock Star Principals continue with another Edu-Awesome interview in Episode 112! Today, Jon and Nick welcome the Downingtown Area School District Superintendent and Pennsylvania Association of School Administrators President, Dr. Em Lonardi! Their interview keys in on the importance of principals, longevity in a Central Office role, focusing the vision of a school district, and more!

"Dr. Lonardi has been Superintendent of the Downingtown Area School District since July, 2017.  Before that, she led the West York School District for 19 years. She served two years as West York’s Assistant Superintendent and was Director of Curriculum and Instruction for the Camp Hill School District for four years.  In 1988, Dr. Lonardi was named Assistant Principal of the Camp Hill PA Jr./Sr. High School having taught Health/Physical Education in the Camp Hill Jr./Sr. High School upon her graduation from West Chester University. 

Dr. Lonardi received her Ph.D. from Penn State University in Educational Administration.  She received her M.S. in Human Performance/Motor Control from Indiana University.  She taught graduate classes at York College of Pennsylvania and at the Harrisburg Campus for Penn State University and is a frequent presenter on educational issues.  

Dr. Lonardi was the 2014 recipient of the Pennsylvania Association of School Administrators (PASA) “Superintendent of the Year” award.  The award, based primarily on innovative leadership and academic achievement, is selected yearly by the membership. Dr. Lonardi also serves as the president for PASA and is on the PASA Governing Board for the American Association of School Administrators."

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Today, the Rock Star Principals are proud to welcome one of our Edu-Heroes to the podcast. Ted Dintersmith is one of America's leaders in innovation, entrepreneurship, and education.

Ted's professional experience includes two decades in venture capital, including being ranked by Business 2.0 as the top-performing U.S. venture capitalist for 1995-1999. From 1981 to 1987, he ran a business at Analog Devices that helped enable the digital revolution. In the public sector, he was a staff analyst in 1976-78 for the U.S. House of Representatives, and was appointed in 2012 by President Obama to represent the U.S. at the United Nations General Assembly. Ted earned a Ph.D. in Engineering from Stanford University and a B.A. from the College of William and Mary, with High Honors in Physics and English.

Ted has become one of America's leading advocates for education policies that foster creativity, innovation, motivation, and purpose. He knows what skills are valuable in a world of innovation, and how we can transform our schools to prepare kids for their futures. His contributions span film, books, philanthropy, and the hard work of going all across America. He's funded and executive produced acclaimed education documentaries, including Most Likely To Succeed, (Sundance, AFI, and Tribeca). With co-author Tony Wagner, he wrote Most Likely To Succeed: Preparing Our Kids for the Innovation Era. During the 2015/16 school year, he went to all fifty U.S. states, meeting with governors, legislators, educators, parents, and students, and encouraging communities to work collectively to re-imagine school and its purpose. Learn more about his work from his website,, or by following him on Twitter @dintersmith. Buy his new book here: What Schools Could Be and Most Likely to Succeed

Now, sit back, relax, and enjoy this thought provoking and rebellious episode of RSP!


  • Jon and Nick discuss an article from the New York Times that explores some colleges that are cutting tuition prices and eliminating majors that aren't viable for careers any longer.
  • A Word from Our Fake Sponsor: The Cobra Kai Series on YouTube RED.
  • "Homework Therapists" are an actual thing. Seriously. Jon and Nick break it all down.
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  • In episode 109, Nick and Jon take the pulse of the nation after the horrific school shooting in Florida last week. Listen to two principals share their feelings on the news coverage, polarizing political debates, practical solutions, social media, and more.
  • After listening, dig into our archive and re-listen to episode 21 from 2013 where RSP interview Israeli Counter-Terrorism Expert, Alon Stivi. It was a very special school safety episode.
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  • Report: Bullying Reports Are Decreasing
  • Word From Fake Sponsor: State Farm
  • Discussion: Fundraising and More
  • Pop Culture Segment: Black Lightning - Finally! A Principal Hero!
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  • Episode 107
    • "Are Lockers Obsolete?" from Washington Post
    • Word From Fake Sponsor: Campbell's Chunky Soup with Donovan McNabb
    • TV Reality Show Review: Undercover High
    • Word from Fake Sponsor: Campbell's Chunky Soup with Reggie White
    • Nick and Jon Book the New XFL! (and EAGLES in the Super Bowl!!!)
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  • Article/Book Review: The Testing Charade by Daniel Koretz
  • Word From Our Fake Sponsor: The RSP Snow Day Medley
  • Article Review: Should Schools Ban 'Best Friends?'
  • Word From Our Fake Sponsor: Kenner's 1978 Star Wars Millenium Falcon
  • Movie Review: The Last Jedi
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Nick was in NYC at Schoology's new offices at Madison Square Garden. He interviewed Mike Indeglio and Joe Vassallo to discuss their collaborative work environment.

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Episode 104 features:

  • Interview with #FutureDriven author and blogger, David Geurin (@davidgeurin), from
  • A Word from Our Fake Sponsors: NBC News 10 for Ross on the Roof
  • RSP Segment: Top Educational Experiences - Jon talks about his fundraising experience camping out on the roof for Alex's Lemonade Stand and the impact of community involvement.
  • Pop Culture Segment: American Vandal
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Episode 103 features some heavy-hitting segments and #Edulution awesomeness!

  • Investigative Article Review: What Happened at Ballou High School?
    • A DCPS goes from a 57% graduation rate to 100% with 100% college acceptance in one year? Sound to good to be true? It is.
    • Link to Full Article
  • A Word from Our Fake Sponsors: Dreamworks' Trolls Holiday Special
  • Article Review: What if Principals Were Treated Like CEOs?
  • A Word from Our Fake Sponsors: As Seen On TV Star Showers
  • The Great Debate Round 1: Jon and Nick debate the biggest issues facing the entire universe!
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"The Boss" Jon Ross and "The Doctor of Proctors" Nick Indeglio with a gargantuan-sized 100th episode of The Rock Star Principals' Podcast. The boys have "Reloaded" with renewed passion, energy, humor, and weekly episodes that will drop every Monday evening at 11:00pm EST. The 100th episode features the following awesomeness:

  • Article Review: From by Rich Karlgaard-"How a Former VC Wants to Disrupt American Education" (interview with Ted Dintersmith)
  • A Word from Our Fake Sponsor: Mattel He-Man Fright Zone Battle Set
  • Activity Review: Jon's "Dot Activity" (Social-Emotional Learning)
  • A Word from Our Fake Sponsors: (from the early episodes) Nick and Jon Love "Sweetzels"
  • Authentic Learning Round Table with Downingtown Principals during Digital Leadership training with Eric Sheninger @E_Sheninger
  • A Word from Our Fake Sponsors: Anti-Drug PSA: "I Learned It By Watching You"
  • Movie Review: Justice League
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Jon and Nick are still working on the big 100th Episode Anniversary show so for now, we move on to Episode 101 featuring RSP's producer, Mike Indeglio. In today's episode:

  • Mike and Nick discuss "The Blue Zones" focus on Okinawans' longevity due to purpose and Moai
  • A Word from Our Fake Sponsor: Lite-Brite
  • The Indeglio Brothers discuss tv and movies in a pop culture segment.
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"The Boss" Jon Ross and "The Doctor of Proctors" Nick Indeglio are back discussing:

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Fresh off the National Principals' Conference, Jon and Nick talk about the national teacher shortage crisis citing the latest research from 2015-2017. The boys leave no stone unturned as they discuss the dilemma and then drop some knowledge bombs on possible solutions. Don't miss this one!

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Jon and Nick are "live" at the National Principals' Conference in beautiful Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! The Rock Stars talk fellowship, collaboration, ABL Schools, and more. In addition, they do a segment on whether or not guns should be allowed in schools!

For deeper learning:

- ABLSchools

- National Principals' Conference



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The Rock Star Principals are back and they are jacked! The dynamic duo brings you a classic episode in the true-to-fashion style of RSP! Today's episode includes:

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Jon and Nick recently took a trip from the suburbs of Philadelphia to the outskirts of Pittsburgh. Along the way, they did some recording. Today's episode discusses how "We Are Our Own Worst Enemies" and a Super Bowl commercial featuring Christopher Walken. Enjoy!

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RSP is back with a Thanksgiving themed Episode 90. RSP Interviews Pickering Valley Elementary School Principal, Joe Fernandes, whose school recently won the prestigious National Blue Ribbon Award!

  • Nick and Joe discuss the National Blue Ribbon Award process, how to hire child-centered teachers, and how to maintain longevity in the principalship. Find Joe and Pickering Valley at
  • A Word From Our Fake Sponsors: StoveTop Stuffing
  • Gratitude Segment with Bella (age 8) and Tootie (age 7)
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RSP interviews the always awesome Tom Murray ( where the crew talks about the value of personalized professional development,, and more #Edu-Awesomeness.

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RSP was live at the #DETC16 (Downingtown Educational Technology Conference 2016) and held a live panel interview with top presenters, Dayna Laur (, Aaron Sams (, and Trisha Craig ( The crew discusses the importance of personalized professional development and more!

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Episode 87: The Rock Star Principals' Podcast

Welcome to Episode 86 of the Rock Star Principals' Podcast which celebrates National Principals' Month (#thankaprincipal) by featuring a panel of elementary, middle, and high school principals sharing their thoughts on what the most important part of being a principal is and why!

Then the Rock Stars spin a blast from the past from Young MC! You might recall his second hit, "The Principals' Office," which is available on Apple Music, YouTube, Amazon, and More! 

Remember to tune in on Twitter on October 13th from 8:45pm-9:30pm EST to focus on "Principal Inspiration" as we honor principals! Use the #thankaprincipal and #RSPIndeglio

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Episode 86: The Rock Star Principals' Podcast

It's National Principals' Month! RSP is celebrating with with a chance to #thankaprincipal and win an incredible grand prize!

#thankaprincipal by tweeting/instagramming/facebooking your favorite Principal story/mentor/etc to #thankaprincipal and #RSPIndeglio between now and October 18th!

Then join our Live Twitter chat on 10/13 from 8:45-9:30pm EST. Our overall favorite submission will win the @ddpyoga Combo Pack ($80 retail value) and a chance to appear on our podcast! As always, a big thanks to our friend, @realddp, for supporting education through his amazing fitness program!

@nassp @rckstrprincipal @NAESP

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Jon and Nick are back with some awesome segments on a steamy Sunday morning!

  • Article Review: "5 Questions for Diners Making the Digital Switch" by Jackie Berg (@jbergnyc) from @Olo (Digital Ordering Done Right)
    • "How does your customer base currently interact with your digital brand?"
    • 5 Levers for Change
      • Make it understood
      • Make it desirable
      • Make it rewarding
      • Make it habit
    • "Cemetary Effect" and traditional schools still abound (thanks to @thomascmurray from
    • Atari and "Combat"
    • What happens when CyberSchools finally get the formula right?
    • Digital Natives and Social Media v. Digital Immigrants and Old School Media
  • A Word from Our Fake Sponsor: @CNN @jaketapper
  • RSP Pop Culture Segment: Summer Movies and Summer Olympics
    • Suicide Squad, Finding Dory, Secret Life of Pets, and more...
    • Michael Phelps, Women's Soccer, Heptathlon, Women's Gymnastics
  • A Word from Our Fake Sponsor:
    • Motivate. Focus. Achieve. Inspire. Reach all your goals and set the pace for others with Dr. Indeglio as we explore social, emotional, and physical growth through real life experiences.
    • At one time or another, Dr. Indeglio was (or still is) a principal, track coach, dad, collegiate mascot, professional wrestler, friend, special education teacher, personal trainer, marathoner, son, cyler, adjunct university professor, weight lifter, brother, doctor, cheerleader, beginning powerlifter, podcaster, actor, puppeteer, and more.
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Episode 84: The Rock Star Principals' Podcast - DETC 2016

DETC 16:

Sign up HERE!

Welcome to the First Annual DETC (Downingtown Educational Technology Conference).  This conference is designed for all K-12 teachers and administrators.  Held at the Downingtown STEM Academy, educators are encouraged to bring their expertise, ideas, and curiosity. Educators who attend this event will be eligible for Act 48 credit. 

Calling All Presenters:

Interested in sharing or presenting at DETC 16, please complete the DETC Presenter Interest Form.  Applications will be accepted until July 15th.  Presenters that are chosen will receive 50% off the registration fee. 

Opening Keynote: Tom Murray

Tom serves as the Director of Innovation for Future Ready Schools, a project of the Alliance for Excellent Education, located in Washington, DC.

He has testified before the United States Congress and works alongside that body and the US Senate, the White House, the US Department of Education and state departments of education, corporations, and school districts throughout the country to implement student-centered, personalized learning while helping to lead Future Ready and Digital Learning Day. Murray serves as a regular conference keynote, was named one of “20 to Watch” by NSBA, and was recently named the “Education Policy Person of the Year” by the Academy of Arts and Sciences at the 2015 Bammy Awards.

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Episode 83: The Rock Star Principals' Podcast

Jon and Nick return interviewing the #DigiAwesome Thomas C. Murray from Join this heavyweight trio as they discuss the Future Ready Framework, educational politics, and what's best for students all around the country. It's a can't miss episode!

Direct download: Episode_83-The_Rock_Star_Principals_Podcast.m4a
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In a super special segment that became its own episode, Jon and Nick spontaneously pick their top four favorite "quotists." They countdown one-by-one and discuss the person behind the quotes, the meaning of the quotes, and the impact each has had on the Rock Stars' lives. This is a "can't miss" edition of RSP!

Jon's List

  • Teddy Roosevelt
  • Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Vince Lombardi
  • Atticus Finch

Nick's List

  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Og Mandino
  • Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
  • Jim Rohn
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Episode 81 of RSP features:

  • Article Review: "Are Teachers Being Taught Bad Science" by Emmanuel Felton (@emmanuelfelton) from EdWeek
  • A Word from Our Fake Sponsor: Chuck E Cheese
  • RSP Advice on Battling End of Year Fatigue
    • "Successive Combative Syndrome"
    • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Techniques: De-Catastrophizing
    • Cartoon Character Imagery
Direct download: Episode_81-The_Rock_Star_Principals_Podcast.m4a
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"The Boss" Jon Ross and the "Doctor of Proctors" Nick Indeglio bring you two cool segments today.

The first focuses on an article from KQED titled, "10 Realities About Bullying at School and Online" by Linda Flanagan Twitter @LindaFlanagan2. Jon and Nick talk about the dangers of labeling everything as bullying as they go through the salient points of the article.

RSP's Pop Culture Segment looks at all the #Batman movies in the modern era from the 1960's until today. It's a fun review of Jon's favorite superhero on the big screen.

Please remember to follow the Rock Star Principals in all the following ways:

RSP is also utilizing Facebook Video for exclusive content. Check it out!

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The Rock Star principals are back after a brief hiatus. Episode 79 is a super-sized awesome bit for our fans who have missed us. Well, maybe no one missed us. But we missed you!

  • Article Review: Procrastination from "Business Insider" by Rachel Gillett (@RGillett23)
  • A Word from Our Fake Sponsors: Varidesk the Standing Desk (@Varidesk) #JonWantsVaridesk
  • RSP Debate - Forgiveness
    • Jon and Nick do battle on the topic of "forgiveness."
  • A Word from Our Fake Sponsors: Hasbro's Transformers Ultra-Magnus
  • Article Review from - Pros and Cons of Middle School by Captain Awesome
  • Movie Review: Batman v. Superman - Dawn of Justice
Direct download: Episode_79-The_Rock_Star_Principals_Podcast.m4a
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Jon and Nick usher in 2016 with an awesome episode available via audio podcast and via their YouTube Channel!

  • From NPR Ed, "6 Education Stories to Watch in 2016," by Claudio Sanchez
    • Jon and Nick discuss the relevance of the article's choices of hot topics in 2016!
  • From ASCD, "Five Habits that Hurt Teacher Motivation" by Roxanne Elden
    • The Rock Stars offer their take on these GTD style habits and suggestions.
  • RSP Pop Culture Review: Netflix's "Making a Murderer"
    • Wow. Just wow.
Direct download: Episode_78-The_Rock_Star_Principals_Podcast.m4a
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Happy Holidays to all the good little principals and educational leaders!

  • Interview with Kentucky Principal and Facebook Sensation, Gerry Brooks:
    • Gerry has a series of awesome videos on Facebook and his latest have gone viral. They feature "Coupon Book" gift giving ideas for principals to teachers and vice-versa!
    • Find Gerry on YouTube at: Gerry Brooks on YouTube!!!
  • A Holiday Word from Our Fake Sponsors: Staples and the Sno-Bot
  • Our Worst Segment Ever
    • No words can describe it...just listen...or don't...
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Elli's second birthday song. #NuffSaid

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Episode 76 brings the Edu-Awesome-Sauce!

  • "Generations:" The Rock Stars discuss the 6 living generations as defined by the experts, their characteristics, educational implications, and more!
    • Protesting
    • The Anti-Eco Revolution
    • Remote Control or "Clicker"
  • Word from Our Fake Sponsor: Woodsy the Owl 
    • Give a Hoot, Don't Pollute
  • What's Hot in Education: Pension Systems, Teacher Candidate Pool, ISIS, Presidential Race, Technology Leaps and Bounds
  • Word from Our Fake Sponsor: Legendary Talking Yoda: "Become a Jedi"
  • Book Review: "It Happens in the Hallway" by Mark Johnson and Sam Stecher
  • Bonus Cartoon Theme Song: "The Mighty Heroes"
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Jon and Nick bring the goods with some an Edu-Awesome Smackdown!

  • High School and the Transition to College
    • Manufactured Awards
    • Scholarships
    • What Matters and What Doesn't
    • What fields should be pursued in college?
    • Outsourcing
  • Word from Our Fake Sponsors: Warner Brothers "Batman vs Superman"
  • Lawnmower Parents (A Newish Term)
    • Move over Helicopter Parents! Lawnmower Parents usher in our Millenials!
    • What does it mean for education and society?
  • Word from Our Fake Sponsor: Warner Brothers "Creed"
  • Pop Culture Segment: Walking Dead, Creed, Batman v. Superman, Denzel, and More!
Direct download: Episode_75-The_Rock_Star_Principals_Podcast.m4a
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Kindergarten Edition: The Rock Star Principals' Podcast with Talia Toots!

Welcome to a special "Kindergarten Project" Edition of RSP! Nick's daughter, Talia, had a project to share information in any format about a favorite part of the holidays. She chose to share about Christmas Trees! So tune in for some fun "Talia" Chosen commercials and cool facts about Christmas Trees! #ChristmasTrees

Direct download: Kindergarten_Edition-RSP_with_Talia_Toots.m4a
Category:Episode-RSP Podcast -- posted at: 8:03pm EST

Episode 74: The Rock Star Principals' Podcast LIVE at Tech Lab (PA Principals' Association State Conference 2015)

The Rock Star Principals' broadcasted live from PA Principals State Conference 2015 to a packed house about Podcasting Basics 101. We enjoyed some big picture conversation and some nitty gritty podcasting specifics (i.e. USB Microphones and More!)




Episode 73: Schoology's LEAP Webinar featuring "The Rock Star Principals"

The Rock Star Principals were Special Guests for the October 2015 LEAP Webinar offered by Schoology. The intent was to help show other administrators how a one-to-one or "BYOD" philosophy can be integrated in the culture and fabric of a school.

Thanks to Bradley Kemp for the invite and allowing us to be a part of the Schoology magic!


Visit Schoology HERE on the web.

Follow Schoology HERE on Twitter.

Direct download: LEAP-DrIndeglio.m4a
Category:Episode-RSP Podcast -- posted at: 3:39pm EST

Episode 72: The Rock Star Principals' Podcast

Today's episode continues the awesomeness from the PA State Principals State Conference where the President of NASSP, Mike Allison, breaks the big news that NASSP will join with NAESP in 2017 for a join National Conference in the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, PA!


Welcome to a double shot of Edu-Fame and expertise from two true Rock Stars in the field of K-12 education. Today's episode features two interviews live from the PA Principals Association State Conference 2015 :

  • Interview with Dr. James Stronge
    • Dr. James Stronge discusses the importance of hiring in K-12 education along with the best ways to go about making decisions.
    • Visit Dr. Stronge's website at
  • A Word from Our Fake Sponsor: CBS "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown"
  • Interview with Dr. Mike Schmoker

Join us next time for more awesome-sauce from the 2015 Conference as we share our live "Rock Star Principals" broadcast during the "Tech Labs," an interview with NASSP President, Mike Alison, and more!

Direct download: Episode_71-The_Rock_Star_Principals_Podcast.m4a
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Episode 70: The Rock Star Principals' Podcast (Interview with Director Steve Yu)

Jon and Nick were honored to follow-up our movie review of "The Resurrection of Jake the Snake Roberts" by interviewing the movie's director, Steve Yu.

Steve's story is a fascinating one full of hard work and cosmic cooincidence. Now that he's created his first award-winning documentary, Steve is looking to continue inspiring others to make positive changes in their life.

This interview offers insights into Steve's view of the world and how the making of the movie, along with his time spent with Diamond Dallas Page, Jake Roberts, and Scott Hall impacted him.

This is a must listen for all educators and those wishing to inspire others!

Keep up with Steve on Twitter @docusteve


Direct download: Episode_70-The_Rock_Star_Principals_Podcast_with_Steve_Yu.m4a
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Episode 69: The Rock Star Principals' Podcast Movie Review: "The Resurrection of Jake the Snake Roberts"

The Rock Star Principals were honored to join Diamond Dallas Page, Jake Roberts, Scott Hall, and Steve Yu at the Ritz 5 in Philadelphia, PA for one of the limited national screenings of the new documentary movie, "The Resurrection of Jake the Snake Roberts." In this episode, you'll hear the "Doctor of Proctors," Dr. Nick Indeglio, Zero Gravity himself, deliver the verdict on the film! You'll also be treated to some clips from the Question and Answer session that took place after the movie with all the stars of the film. As always, Jon and Nick keep it real and work in some funny anecdotes from the wacky world of education and profesional wrestling.

Just like the movie itself, you won't want to miss this episode!


The Rock Stars are back with a hot episode full of fun and edu-awesomeness!

  • Article Review: Delaying Kindergarten to Age 7... by Valerie Strauss from the Washington Post
  • A Word from Our Fake Sponsors: The PA Principals' Association State Conference
    • 10/18/2015 to 10/20/2015
    • Featuring James Strong, Justin Baeder, Mike Schmoker, Jay Paterno
  • Special Segment for Our Friends at PaTTAN: Social Media Basics
Direct download: Episode_68-The_Rock_Star_Principals_Podcast.m4a
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Episode 67: The Rock Star Principals' Podcast

The Rock Star Principals bring you their most focused and intense interview to date as Dr. Douglas Reeves, founding partner for Creative Leadership Solutions and author of over 30 books along with 80 educational articles, joins the podcast for an in-depth interview. Dr. Reeves brings his experience as a Harvard University Distinguished Author and the Brock International Laureate to help educators take their game to the next level. 

The Rock Stars and Dr. Reeves discuss all the following and much much more:

  • Dr. Reeves' new book, "Inspiring Creativity and Innovation" Buy Here!
  • His upcoming follow-up book, "Elements of Grading: A Guide to Effective Practice" Pre-order here!
  • Grading: a case against giving zeroes
  • Using data effectively
  • John Hattie and Mike Schmoker
  • How can
  • What would Dr. Reeves choose as his superpower? (you'll never guess)

Don't miss this one!


Episode 66: The Rock Star Principals' Podcast

We were just re-tweeted by Burt Young, the real star of the "Rocky" Saga (@burtyoungartist)! We are thrilled. It's a life-long dream to "meet" (my) Dad's favorite character from the series! Twitter is the next best thing. But we want to get Mr. Young on the Podcast. Why? First, Burt Young's dad was a high school shop teacher. "Teaching" is in his blood. And all of you remember our highly popular segment, "Rocky's Punches of Perspicacity," and "Paulie" is a huge part of that.

Did you know:

  • Burt Young was a REAL professional boxer. In fact, he was 14-0!
  • Burt Young is an artist. The pictures Paulie were painting in "Rocky Balboa" were actually Burt's pictures.
  • Burt Young's art work is actually for sale and you can own it!

So in Episode 66 we discuss Burt's acting credits, his life, "Rocky," what made Paulie so special, and more!

But we need you to help us get Burt's attention again and on the show. Sure, we have 33,000+ listeners in over 105 countries, all 50 states, and on 6 continents, BUT we're hoping Burt will hear your voice! Reach out to him at:

  • Instagram: @burtyoungofficial
  • Twitter: @burtyoungartist
  • Facebook: look for "Burt Young's" Celebrity Page
  • Website:
Direct download: Episode_66-The_Rock_Star_Principals_Podcast.m4a
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Episode 65 went off the rails quickly, but is still awesome-sauce!

  • Article Review: "Early School Start Times-Bad for Kids Academically and Emotionally" by Diane Schaffhauser
  • A Word From Our Fake Sponsor: Monday Night Football and MacGyver (ABC)
  • "Marc Mero Recap"
    • Marc Mero returned to Pennsylvania and visited 4 different schools including LMS and DMS
    • @marcmero
    • Parents attended...what did they think?
    • Jon's kids attended...what did they think?
  • A Word from Our Fake Sponsor: Marc Mero #Choices
  • "PSSA Re-boot: The RSPPA"
    • #RIPfromRSP (Moses Malone)
    • Where PDE and PA went wrong with the PSSA...
  • A Word from Our Fake Sponsor: "Sock 'Em Boppers"
  • "Shootin' the Sh!t with RSP"
    • #RIPfromRSP = Jon's dog, Sandy
    • Disney Infinity 3.0 - Star Wars
    • The Universal Wrestling Federation Facebook Page (this is Nick's action figure wrestling federation from grade 3 til...well, now, actually...)
    • #RIPfromRSP = Reginald VelJohnson and Dennis Franz
      • They aren't dead.
    • We want Ronda Rousey (@rondarousey).
      • ...and Henry Winkler and Mr. Belding
Direct download: Episode_65-The_Rock_Star_Principals_Podcast.m4a
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Episode 64: The Rock Star Principals' Podcast

The JUMBO-sized Season 3 Premiere is here! "The Boss" Jon Ross and "The Doctor of Proctors" Nick Indeglio bring you an extra wallop of awesome-sauce as they discuss:

  • "A Tale of Two Rock Stars (Getting Pulled Over)" and "Principal Pro" by Kristina Diviny-MacBury.
    • What do the Rock Stars discover after getting pulled over in the same place by the same officer months apart?
    • How does this relate to Discipline and Restorative Practices?
    • Book Intro of "Principal Pro" @educate4hope
  • A Word from Our Fake Sponsor: M.A.S.K. (Mobile Armored Strike Kommand) from Kenner (1980's)
  • "The Dissertation:" Jon and Nick discuss some helpful tips for Chapter 2-The Lit Review
    • Narrow the Focus.
    • Organize Your Way.
    • No One Cares About You.
  • A Word from Our Fake Sponsor: Transformers Ultra Magnus (Hasbro 1986)
  • Pop Culture Round-Up
    • Millenium Falcon Drones on Force Friday
    • Mad Max: Fury Road (Greatest Action Movie Ever?)
    • Fear the Walking Dead
  • A Word From Our Fake Sponsor: GoBots from Tonka
  • An Excerpt from Our First Live "Periscope"
    • Thanks to @MAStewartMA
  • See you next time!!!
Direct download: Episode_64-The_Rock_Star_Principals_Podcast.m4a
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Episode 63: The Rock Star Principals' Podcast

Recently, Jon and Nick had the opportunity to attend a MLB game at Camden Yards with Superintendent Larry Mussoline and Marsh Creek 6th Grade Center Principal, Tom Mulvey. The boys drove with Tom and conducted a great interview focusing on:

  • The challenges of building a single grade center from concept to brick and mortar to opening.
  • Opening a center with an iPad 1:1 initiative.
  • The challenges and opportunities tied to that technology.
  • Breaking old perceptions towards traditional schooling.
  • Building rapport and relationships.
  • Super-Powers.
  • The Grateful Dead.
  • ...and more...
Direct download: Episode_63-_The_Rock_Star_Principals_Podcast.m4a
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Episode 62: The Rock Star Principals' Podcast

Join the Rock Star Principals for "Story Time." Jon shares some classics from the past and the dynamic duo discuss some summer interviews with candidates fresh out of college!

Direct download: Episode_62-The_Rock_Star_Principals_Podcast.m4a
Category:Episode-RSP Podcast -- posted at: 4:33pm EST

We are numerically out of order because we promised Diamond Dallas Page for Episode 60! That episode will drop next week. For now, enjoy the following awesomeness:

  • Reflections on the "Choices" presentation by Marc Mero (@marcmero)
  • A Word from Our Fake Sponsor: DDPYoga
  • Article Review: "What Happens When Students Boycott a Standardized Test?" by Lauren McKenna (@TheAtlantic)
  • A Word from Our Fake Sponsor: Air Supply for Dr. Pepper
  • Story Time with The Boss: What happens when the teacher starts crying?


Direct download: Episode_61-The_Rock_Star_Principals_Podcast.m4a
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Episode 59: The Rock Star Principals' Podcast (Special Guest-Marc Mero)

The Rock Star Principals bring you their most powerful episode yet as the dynamic duo is joined by world famous motivational speaker and former professional wrestling legend, Marc Mero! Fortune and fame was followed by tremendous personal loss and Marc realized that both his good choices and bad choices shaped his life and had an impact on those around him. 

The Champion of Choices organization was founded by Marc shortly after ( and Marc's powerful "Choices" presentation has been to thousands of schools world-wide. Recently, a video from Marc's assembly went viral on YouTube with over 9 million people being inspired by his message.

Jon and Nick strongly encourage all the principals and educational leaders across "Rock and Roll, USA" to listen carefully and consider bringing Marc and his inspirational program to your district!

  • Today's Show:
    • A Special Introduction...
    • Interview Segment Part 1: Marc Mero (@marcmero)
    • A Word from Our Fake Sponsor: DDP Yoga (
    • Interview Segment Part 2: Marc Mero (cont.)
    • Original Song by Michael Indeglio: "I Believe"
Direct download: Episode_59-The_Rock_Star_Principals_Podcast_with_Marc_Mero.m4a
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Episode 58: The Rock Star Principals' Podcast

RSP 58 features a discussion from #EdCampDtown with awesome educators about an article by Nina Golgowski-New York Daily News (@glowgow) where an elementary school in New York (PS 116-Principal Jane Hsu) abandoned homework. We interviewed @EricDaney @jonathanblow @DrStaubSTEM

We also get Nick's predictions on "Wrestlemania 31" (he's interviewed by @RFarinaDM who hates pro-wrestling). It's funny and informative. @wwe @wweuniverse #Wrestlemania


Direct download: Episode_58-_The_Rock_Star_Principals_Podcast.m4a
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Episode 57: The Rock Star Principals' Podcast (#EdCampDTown)

The Rock Star Principals are at the first ever Downingtown Ed Camp on the second day of Spring (with 6 inches of snow on the ground)! Giant Kudos to the crew who organized the event: @KristieLBurk @jonathanblow @DrStaubSTEM - 

  • The Mobile Introduction: Snow, Smoothies, Drive Thrus, EdCamps
  • Kristie Burke explains how an EdCamp works
  • Interview with @33megan33 from the Bahamas on "Mystery Skype!"
  • Interview with @christybrenn from Haverford on "Google Hang-Outs!"
  • Interview with @DrStaub STEM about "Eating Your Vegetables" and the "Law of Two Feet!"

Enjoy episode 57 and the excitement of #EdCampDTown will continue in episode 58!


Direct download: Episode_57-Rock_Star_Principals_Podcast.m4a
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Episode 56: The Rock Star Principals' Podcast

As Jon and Nick braved the treacherous roads on their way to an in-service day, they recorded the podcast on the drive along the way. They risked life and limb for their dedicated listeners. Topics include:

  • The guy at the Dunkin Donuts wearing purple gloves.
  • Dunkin Donuts is hiring and Jon's 16 year old daughter needs a job.
  • The article declaring that the Happiest Job is "Principal."
  • ESEA (No Child Left Behind) and Race to the Top
  • A Word from Our Fake Sponsor Infomercial: Hyundai and the Sonata
  • Pennsylvania Governor Stories
  • The Law of Diminishing Returns: Can a Great Principal Outlast His/Her Stay?
  • Why don't people clean their cars off when it snows?
  • Cable TV as we know it is dying! Netflix, Hulu, Sling, Amazon Video
Direct download: Episode_56-_The_Rock_Star_Principals_Podcast.m4a
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This week, the Rock Star Principals follow up on their amazing interview with Dr. Larry Mussoline, the Superintendent of Downingtown Schools.

  • Report Review:CRPE ReInventing Public Education-Policy Barriers to School Improvement: What's Real and What's Imagined
    • Todd Whitaker and "Greatness"
    • Jim Collins and the Right Seats on the Bus
    • Bill Parcells and His Personell Philosophy
    • Pro-Wrestling and Style (The Great Samu)
    • Malcolm Gladwell
    • "It's not a money problem; it's an idea problem
  • Fake Sponsor: Sock Em Boppers
  • Blog Review: Robots are Taking Over the Job Market
    • by Frank Sonder
    • Swiss Think Tank W.I.R.E.
    • Chalk v. Paper in 1815
  • Fake Sponsor: He-Man Playset
  • Pop Culture Review: Walking Dead MidSeason Return
Direct download: Episode_55-_The_Rock_Star_Principals_Podcast.m4a
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Episode 54: The Rock Star Principals' Podcast

This week, Jon and Nick bring a powerful episode to the table that features an interview with their very own Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Larry Mussoline (@lmussoline). This interview delves into the past, present, and future of education in the United States. The barriers to innovation are identified and the bulldozers needed to make these changes are brought to the table as well. Some of the edu-lutionary conversation includes:

  • Mass Customized Learning and Self-Driven Learning
  • Student Choice at All Levels of Education
  • Bring Your Own Device and 1-to-1 Technology Initaitives
  • Ian Jukes (@ijukes) and getting outside the "box"
  • Blended Learning
  • The Auto-Pilot Analogy
  • What a Superintendent Looks for in a Principal
  • What Super-Hero Would You Be?
  • A Word From Our Fake Sponsor: The "Let's Go Mets" 1986 Music Montage

Proceed with caution, Rock Stars. This is a "Mind Blown Zone"!"

Direct download: Episode_54-The_Rock_Star_Principals_Podcast.m4a
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Episode 53: The Rock Star Principals' Podcast

Tons of educational content and pop culture greatness "rocks" this podcast! Follow RSP on Twitter @rckstrprincipal -and- -and- "Like" our Facebook Page -and- subscribe on iTunes!


  • Episode 53
    • Article Review: Discipline Study 
      • Does harsh discipline climate affect good students?
      • @iirpgradschool
      • @rfarinadms
    • Fake Sponsor: Drake's Devil Dogs
    • Article Review: Self-Driven Learning by Katrina Schwartz @kschwart
    • Fake Sponsor: Nntendo's Mike Tyson's Punch-Out
    • Pop Culture Time!
      • Sons of Liberty @History
      • True Detective @TD_HBO
      • American Sniper @AmericanSniper @chriskylefrog
      • The Judge @robertdowneyjr

Eat. Sleep. Rock. Repeat.

Direct download: Episode_53-The_Rock_Star_Principals_Podcast.m4a
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Episode 52: The Rock Star Principals' Podcast

Jon and Nick, the Rock Star Principals return with an all new episode offering advice for teachers who have obtained their first assistant principal's role in the same building they teach! Hear the panel of Rob Farina (3 year assistant principal at Downingtown Middle School @DASD_DMS) and Dave Wiedlich (Brand new assistant principal at Lionville Middle School @DASD_LMS) where both taught prior to becoming principals. 

And, of course, the "Doctor of Proctors" and the "Boss" bring you a "Word from Our Fake Sponsor," which is Shrinky Dinks from Colorform! 

Direct download: Episode_52-The_Rock_Star_Principals_Podcast.m4a
Category:Episode-RSP Podcast -- posted at: 8:51pm EST

Season 2 continues with some Edu-Awesome-Sauce! Tune in for:

  • Rcoky Balboa's Punches of Perspicacity!
    • Rocky IV: "Going that one more round when you don't think you can, that's what makes all the difference in your life..."
  • A Word from Our Fake Sponsors: WeBuyAnyCar.Com
  • App Review: "Book Creator" by
    • Top Rated by RSP!
  • A Word from Our Fake Sponsors: eSurance with Beatrice
  • Blog Review: with @chrislehmann
    • "Can's We Just Get Better?"
Direct download: Episode_51-The_Rock_Star_Principals_Podcast.m4a
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Episode 50-Season 2 Premiere: The Rock Star Principals' Podcast

Jon and Nick, otherwise known as RSP, are thrilled to begin the 2nd Season of their hit podcast! And what better way to begin than with a special DOUBLE-SIZED 50th Episode! It's "Back to School" time and "The Boss" along with the "Doctor of Proctors" is ready to rock out...educational leadership style!

  • Welcome Back Segment: Nick and Jon discuss the start of the new school year with changes in both of their buildings.
  • "A Word from Our Fake Sponsors:" Air Supply and Dr. Pepper
  • Rocky Balboa's Punches of Perspicacity: "Fear" from Rocky III
  • "A Word from Our Fake Sponsors:" Sock 'Em Boppers
  • "You Just Bought Yourself Another Saturday" - Educational Movie Wisdom
    • Olympia Dukakis as the Principal in "Mr. Holland's Opus:" Stuck Compass
  • "A Word from Our Fake Sponsors:" Staples Back to School
  •  Article Segment: Homework by @JustinCoulson from The Daily Telegraph
    • The homework debate know what Nick and Jon think...
    • The importance of reading at night...
  • "A Word from Our Fake Sponsors:" Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Pop Culture Segment: Epic Meal Empire, Guardians of the Galaxy, Stone Cold's Broken Skull Ranch, The Strain, The College Football Playoff System

Enjoy the Season 2 Premiere and our 50th Episode!!!


Plenty of Edu-Fun and Princi-PAL-ing happening in Episode 49! Join Jon and Nick for all this and more:

  • "Rocky Balboa's Punches of Perspicacity:" Lesson 1 from Rocky Balboa - Life ain't all sunshines and rainbows...
  • A Word from Our Fake Sponsors: Movie Trailer for 1988's "Bloodsport" starring Jean Claude Van Damme
  • "You Just Bought Yourself Another Saturday!" Movies About Education: Uncle Buck
    • Twiddlers
    • Silly Hearts
  • A Word from Our Fake Sponsors: Movie Trailer from 1989's "Cyborg" Starring Jean Claude Van Damme
  • RSP Reviews TV Shows: "The Strain" on FX
    • @TheStrainFX

Don't Miss It!

Direct download: Episode_49-_The_Rock_Star_Principals_Podcast.m4a
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Episode 48: The Rock Star Principals' Podcast

Episode 48 brings Edu-Awesome to a new level! A new segment debuts that will please all of our principal and teacher movie fans!

  • Article Review: "Complaining" by Selena Rezvani (@SelenaRezvani)
    • How is complaining ruining your reputation at work?
    • The Fish Philosophy (@fishphilosophy)
    • Jim Rohn and @shawnachor
    • @toddwhitaker and "Shifting the Monkey"
    • IIRP and Restorative Practices
  • A Word from Our Fake Sponsor: Dr. Pepper and Air Supply (1981)
  • New Segment: "You Just Bought Yourself Another Saturday:" Lessons from Movies About Teaching/Education
    • The Breakfast Club
      • Carl and Vernon
      • "The kids have changed."
      • "You think I give a _*&^% what these kids' think?"

All this and more!

Direct download: Episode_48-The_Rock_Star_Principals_Podcast.m4a
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Episode 47: The Rock Star Principals' Podcast

Hey, Rockstars!

Today's episode features an awesome Edu-Interview with Downingtown's Supervisor of Professional Learning, Jen Saksa (@DASD_Profdev). Jen is a former high school teacher, assistant middle school principal, and elementary principal. Here's these three discuss:

  • Professional Development and the need to differentiate for everyone...
  • Desire to shift the focus of what it was to what it should be...
  • Recognizing the needs and developmental stages of adult learners...
  • What works? PLC's, Ed Camps, Action Research, Job Embedded Coaching, Mentoring, Social Media PLN's, etc....
  • Romeo and Juliet
  • Michael Fullan (@MichaelFullan1) and philosophy that "belief changes after behavior changes..."
  • Andrew Hargreaves, UBD, Todd Whitaker (@toddwhitaker), Shawn Achor (@shawnachor), Dan Pink (@danielpink), Malcolm Knowles (
  • Favorite John Hughes' movie...
  • Favorite and least favorite representation of a principal in a movie...

This one is philosophy and Edu-Heavy!

Direct download: Episode_47-The_Rock_Star_Principals_Podcast.m4a
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Episode 46: The Rock Star Principals' Podcast (Featuring "Recess Monkey")

Welcome back, Rock Stars! Today's episode is extra-special as we feature both an interview and music from the hit children's band (or "Kindie" as its called nowadays) "Recess Monkey!" (@recess_monkey)

Drew Holloway, lead singer and writer, re-joins old friend, "The Doctor of Proctors" for an interview covering the hit bands' music, evolution into a Kindie-Rock national juggernaut, and the inspiration from the wonderful world of education. All of this occurred during "Recess Monkey's" whirlwind East Coast Tour. The interview took place at Angelo's Pizza in King of Prussia, PA, (Angelo's Pizza-Facebook) owned by legend and friend, Tony Capone

This episode also contains two smash-hit singles from "Recess Monkey's" new album, titled "Wired!" The album was inspired by the "Maker Faire" movement occurring in schools and communities all across the country. The two featured songs are "Brick by Brick" (Legos) and the title track, "Wired!"

Follow Recess Monkey on Twitter: @Recess_Monkey

On the Web at: Recess Monkey Town

And on Facebook at: Recess Monkey's Facebook Page

All of their music is available everywhere...especially Amazon and iTunes! Sample more on Spotify!


Episode 45: The Rock Star Principals' Podcast

The Rock Star Principals team up with the Doctoral Cohort from Neumann University to debate and discuss the logistics, pragmatics, philosophy, and more surrounding the state of New Jersey's recent decision to increase the rigor of certification standards of teachers. This is one great discussion where principals, teachers, and aspiring leaders share their thoughts on this and the overall state of education in the United States! First, read the original article here by Peggy McGlone (@PeggyMcGlone) from the Star-Ledger (@starledger):

NJ Raises Standards for Teacher Training and Certification


Direct download: Episode_45-The_Rock_Star_Principals_Podcast.m4a
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Episode 44: The Rock Star Principals' Podcast + Cabrini EDU 646

The Rock Star Principals have joined forces with Cabrini's Summer II EDU 646 Technology and Communication Course in order to create an incredibly power "Educational Technology" Podcast in Episode 44! The Cabrini students (all future administrators) split into three groups and tackled a relevant educational technology based topic in individual podcast segment!

The Podcast kicks off with a whole class discussion of Todd Whitaker's "18 Things Great Principals Do Differently!"

Commercial: Cabrini College

Group 1: Math Tech:

After listening to the Ted Talk Teaching Kids Real Math With Computers by Conrad Wolfram who is a technologist, businessman and inventor of the website , our group discussed some of the main points learned. Questions discussed include: Do you think there is anything wrong with the way we teach math today? How is Common Core addressing these issues? Do you agree with Conrad’s stance on computers in education?

Commercial: Cabrini College 2

Group 2: Follically Challenged:

Jay, Jeremy, Jason, & Rob discuss NY Times article "In Classroom of Future, Stagnant Scores" by Matt Richtel." Commentators focus on the continued funding of technology in classrooms despite the fact that there are limited to no improvements in standardized testing scores.

Group 3: "BookFace:"

Social media, is it acceptable or not? We came across this topic when looking at some articles on the internet. The two articles we found and referenced were "Social Networking Nightmares," by Mike Simpson which was found on the NEA website and "Teachers, Students and Social Media: Where is the Line?" by Lori Grisham. This radio podcast was based on acceptable use of social media with educators. The end result came down to the issue of being professional, smart, and conscientious of your social media and using it just as we expect our students to use it.


Direct download: Episode_44-Rock_Star_Principals_and_Cabrini_EDU_646.m4a
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Episode 43: The Rock Star Principals' Podcast

Happy Father's Day to all our Rock Star Dad's out there in the "Rock Star Nation" leading the "Edu-lution!" Today's episode is chock full of philosophy with our Neumann Cohort and thought-provoking articles:

  • Neumann University Cohort Discussion on Jim Dillon's (@Dillon_Jim) article, "Education Builds Character."
    • "Training" v. "Education"
  • A Word from Our Fake Sponsor: Dove (Calls for Dads) #RealDadMoments
  • Neumann University Cohort Discussion on Kenneth Goldberg's (@thehomeworktrap) article, "Why Principals Should be Wary of Homework."
    • What does the research say?
    • What do real teachers' say?
    • What does Alfie Kohn say? (@alfiekohn)

Enjoy this great Father's Day Edition!


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Episode 42: The Rock Star Principals' Podcast

Excitement abounds on Episode 42 of the greatest podcast in the history of the universe...(too much?)

  • Talkin' Movies with Elli Ross
    • Jon's eight year old daughter, Elli, hosts a segment where she asks Jon and Nick about movies that they've seen, but she hasn't. First up is "X-Men: Days of Future Past!"
  • Public Service Announcement: Brain on Drugs
  • Lessons from the Middle School Mafia #6
    • From "A Bronx Tale"
      • "The saddest thing in life is wasted talent."
  • Commercial:
  • Article Review: 10 Life Lessons from a Navy Seal (Life Buzz)

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Episode 41: The Rock Star Principals' Podcast

The Rock Star Principals honor and remember all those who have served our country in order to protect our fereedoms. Episode 41 features:

  • A Memorial Day National Anthem performed by Caleb Johnson, the 2013 American Idol Winner.
  • A twelve person panel discussion of "Value-Added Teacher Assessment and Evaluation" from the Downingtown Doctoral Cohort at Neumann University.
  • Commercial:
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Episode 40: The Rock Star Principals' Podcast

Episode 40 is here and it is a doozy! But, hey, aren't they all? Join Jon and Nick this Memorial Day Weekend for:

  • Battling for the Soul of Education (
    • Battery Hens v. Free Range
    • TV Dinner Teaching
    • What happens when the bells don't work?
    • @AlfieKohn @JohnTaylorGatto
    • Apprenticeship Education
    • and more!
  • A Word from Our Fake Sponsor: Honeycomb (1989)
  • Lessons from the Middle School Mafia: Pulp Fiction
    • "If you don't want answers, then stop asking the scary questions." - Jules
    • Big Picture v. Narrow world view
    • Relevations and challenging the system
    • and more!
  • Commercial:
    • Learn all about the services offered by RSP!
      • Consulting, presenting, weddings, blessings, and more! (-:
  • New Segment! "Jon Asks Nick Questions About Movies He Hasn't Seen"
    • "Godzilla"

Don't miss this giant-sized 40th episode!!!

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Episode 39: The Rock Star Principals' Podcast

We're excited to bring you awesome new episode where we discuss:

  • Secrets of the Middle School Mafia
    • Ace Rothstein from "Casino" (DeNiro)
  • Commercial:
  • PVAAS/EVAAS: Value Added Teacher Evaluations
  • Fake Sponsor: He-Man Playset
  • Teachers, Kids, and iPads

Lots to love here, folks!

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Good gosh! These guys are on a roll!

  • Article Review: 10 Signs You're Addicted to Failure by Tyler Basu (@TylerBasu)
    • Our special guest is Mike Indeglio (@mikeyi99)!
    • Blaming others, addiction to approval, fear of mistakes, addiction to drama, keeping bad company...
    • Positive People, Too: Brian Patrict Murphy (@olemissmurph)
    • Underwear and Toaster Strudels...
  • A Word from Our Fake Sponsor: Bill Ziegler for President of PAESSP!
    • @DrBillZiegler @PAESSP
  • Secrets of the Middle School Mafia: Lesson 3: "Hearing Bad News Immediately"
    • Delivering Bad News, Receiving bad news, Tricks of the Trade
    • Email, Text, In-Person
    • Networking and "Good People"
  • A Word from Our Fake Sponsor: The Rock Star Principals
    • Get everything on our webiste:
  • "Who Are the People in Your Twitterhood?"
    • @tallprincipal (Mike Allison)
    • @DrBobKa97 (Bob Salladino)
    • @lizdavis2 (Liz Davis)
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Lessons and fun abound in Episode 37 as the Rock Stars cover the bases from educational leadership to Broadway! Listen now for:

  • Secrets from the Middle School Mafia #2: "Never tell anybody outside the family what you're thinking."
    • When do you talk? When do you listen?
    • Stick with the decision. 
    • Pre-Meetings are key.
    • "Heavy is the head that wears the crown." (Adapted from Shakespeare)
  • A Word from Our Fake Sponsor: Pepsi's "Godfather" Commercial
  • Maxwell's University of Leadership #8: Law of Intuition
  • A Word from Our Fake Sponsor: Rocky on Broadway 1st Look
  • RSP Preview Report: Rocky the Musical on Broadway
    • Special Guest: Michael Indeglio @mikeyi99
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Episode 36: The Rock Star Principals' Podcast (3.2.2014)

The Rock Stars are rocking and rolling as Episode 36 brings the intensity to a whole new level!  Tune in now for the following awesomeness:

·       “The Middle School Mafia” Lessons in Leadership

o    Lesson I: “This is the business we’ve chosen…” (Hyman Roth from “Godfather II”)

§  We know what we signed up for and the history of education lets us know what’s come before and what will come again.

§  Crying and complaining is useless.

§  “Our truest life is when we are in our dreams awake.” – Henry David Thoreau

§  Restorative Practices: @iirpgradschool – Identify things for what they actually are…

·       Commercial: “Who Are the People In Your Twitterhood”

o    @JRsBBQ – The Ross Report Podcast on @PodcastOne

o    @ahoff63 – Our DASD Colleague, Assistant Director of Pupil Services, Andrew Hoffert

o    @Chescomoms – A great resource for Moms in the PA Tri-County Area

·       The Maxwell University of Leadership-Law #9: The Law of Magnetism

o    Who you are is who you attract.

o    @DrWayneWDyer – “You do not attract what you want. You attract what you are.”

o    Lao-Tzu’s 4 Virtues: Reverence for life, natural sincerity, gentleness, and supportiveness

o    @coachjfranklin – New PSU Head Coach

o    New RSP Vocabulary: “Twitter-Bits” and “Mediocre-ness”

·       Commercial:

o    Everything RSP is on

o    Or our mobile site at

·       Wrestling Wisdom

o    @AngryWrestleVet give us Rule 1: “Always show respect to those who paved the road for current and future generations…”

§  “Walking in the footsteps of giants…”

§  Don Eichorn, @JohnCena, @steveaustinbsr, John Monahan

Episode 36 has everything you’d expect and tons of stuff you’d never expect! Don’t wait! Eat, sleep rock, repeat!

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RSP returns with an education heavy podcast full of practical advice and wisdom for all K-12 educational leaders in the field!  Listen today and contribute on social media or our website(s) to the conversation!

  • University of Maxwell: Law 7: Law of Respect
    • Godfather Wisdom! @LydiaBreakfast (Lydia Dishman)
  • Commercial: Who Are the People In Our Twitterhood?
    • @bretdom (Bret Domstrand)
    • @jenastelli (Jen Marie Robustelli
    • @DASD_DMS and @DASD_LMS
  • Article Review: Can iPads Upend Learning by @Kschwart (Katrina Schwartz)
    • RSP gets feverishly passionate about technology and resistance...
  • A Word from Our Fake Sponsor: Delicious Greens 8000
  • Article Review: 10 Reasons It's Ok to be Disliked by @tinybuddha (Lori Deschene)
    • Important and relevant for all leaders, but especially new administrators
  • Commercial: Our Favorite Podcasts
    • NPR TED Radio Hour by @nprguyraz (Guy Raz)
  • University of Maxwell: Law 6: Law of Solid Ground
    • Trust and Character

And visit our NEW website at:

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In less than 24 hours, over 50,000 people have viewed the RSP YouTube Video featuring the "RSP Downingtown No-School Snow Day Medley!" Now is your chance to listen to the...uh, amazing audio from the video! Well, let's face it, the title of the show does include the term "Rock Stars!"

Downingtown Area School District Superintendent, Dr. Larry Mussoline, has become known for his entertaining Snow Day Robo-Calls after 5 winter storms so far in 2014.  After a few community members pointed out the "Durham Academy" video and the "Bohemian Rhapsody" video from YouTube, Dr. M contacted the Rock Star Principals to see what they could do to keep things light and lively.  

And, of course, RSP took it waaaaayyyyy over the top.  A slickly edited video and audio assault on the senses parodies Billy Joel's "Allentown," Imagine Dragon's "Radioactive," James Brown's "Living in America," and "Let It Go" from Disney's "Frozen!"

You can view the YouTube Video here:

YouTube "RSP DASD No-School Snow Day Musical Medley"

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The Northeast has been slammed by snow and ice!  But RSP chugs right along with some special guests this week!

  • A Review of "The Biggest Loser: Second Chances" Finale by Nick, Tina (Sister Special Education Teacher), and Denise (wife and saint)!
  • A Word from Our Fake Sponsors: Coca-Cola 1984 Olympics
  • What Do the People Think of Snow Days? (Nick, Tina, Denise, Avery, and Company)
  • A Word from Our Fake Sponsors: G.I. Joe Watchtower (Hasbro)
  • Breakfast with Galli Part III (Don't Be a Principal)
  • A Word from Our Fake Sponsor: Kool-Aid in the 1960's
  • Newsflash: Bella Cut Her Hair (An Exclusive RSP Interview)!

Don't get left out in the cold! (Get it...left out in the know, ice storms and such...oh, well...)

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The Groundhog saw his shadow, but 6 more weeks of winter is tolerable with the Rock Star Principals!

  • The Boss finally tells the legendary "Cell Phone Story!" You've asked for it so here it is!!!
  • A Word from Our Fake Sponsor: Staples Sno-Bot Falls in Love
  • Maxwell's University of Leadership: Irrefutable Law #5 - The Law of E.F. Hutton
    • General Zod from Superman II
  • A Word from Our Fake Sponsor: PSA Superman and Cigarettes
  • Interview Segment: Joe Galli Part 2 (Dealing with Non-Proficient Staff)
  • A Word from Our Fake Sponsor: Rocky IV Commercial
  • Pop Culture with RSP: Jesse Eisenberg is Lex Luthor

And More!!!

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Education, education, and more education abound in Episode 31 of the Rock Star Principals’ Podcast!  This is one you won’t want to miss!  Prepare for:

·      Article Review: Greg Toppo (gtoppo) from USA Today: “Respect at School in Decline”

o   From the Harris Poll: Less teachers respect parents/students and vice-versa

o   Were things really better in the “good ole days?”

o   Finland and Respect

o   Parents Just Don’t Understand

·      A Word from Our Fake Sponsors: Nintendo’s Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out

·      Maxwell’s University of Leadership: Law 5=Law of Addition

o   Leadership isn’t how far we advance ourselves, but how far we advance others.

o   Are you making things better for the people who follow you?

o   Costco, Southwest, Disney

o   Jim Collins’ Level 5 Leadership

·      A Word from Our Fake Sponsors: Atari 2600

·      Interview Segment: Breakfast with Galli (Part 1)

o   The Rock Stars eat breakfast with esteemed, retired Superintendent, Joe Galli.

§  Relationships

§  Respect

§  You can’t “wait for the kid to come to you.”

§  “Chicken Feed Education”

§  Student Teaching

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If you've been following the saga of Nick's 4 year old daughter on Facebook or Twitter, you know that it's been a crazy night (and morning).  In short, Talia's special toy, "Ladytramp," was apprehended and brutally attacked by Thor the Dog.  Thor has been actively pursuing Ladytramp for about a year and a half.  The surgery was tense, but successful, and all worked out.  You can catch up on all the action here:

Of course, some PTSD is to be expected.  After Dr. McStuffins Indeglio settled in for such much deserved slumber, he was awakened by Talia Toots at 4:00am.  Groggy, but always a podcaster, Nick was able to record most of the conversation on his iPhone.  Enjoy Talia's comments on:

  • LadyTramp
  • Thor
  • Santa Claus
  • Scarves
  • Christmas Ornaments
  • Feet
  • Kicking
  • Mommy
  • and more...
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The Rock Stars are in “rare form” for their BIG 30th Episode Podcast!!!  Don’t miss this one; it’s full of educational advice/awesome-ness and unparalleled RSP humor!

·      The Rock Stars Present…How to Present!

o   Tips for Presenting and Getting the Most Out of Professional Conferences

o   Looking the Part

o   What are the Take-Aways?

o   The Pro-Wrestling Connection (Going the Extra Step)

o   “You don’t know how much you know!”

o   Join the Rock Stars as they Present at the @NAESP National Conference this July in Nashville, Tennessee!

·      Commercial: Who Are the People In Your Twitter-Hood?

o   This week, we feature Rock Stars from our #PAESSPChat

§  @MelissaPatschke – National Principal Mentor Certification Coach, Elementary Principal, Federal Relations Coordinator, Regional Representative for NY, NJ, and PA (@PAESSP, @NAESP)

§  @PrincipalNauman – Elementary Principal in Lewes, Delaware, Extensive Participation in Twitter PLN’s

§  @pmhealey4 – Paul Healey is the Executive Director of @PAESSP

·      Research and Article/Book (or Twitter Feed Review) – Dan Buettner’s “Blue Zone” Twitter Feed

o   Tips on a Long and Healthy Life from Research in the “Blue Zones!”

§  Consumerism, Hari Hachi Bu, Sardinian Sarcasm, Dogs, and More!

·      A Word from Our Fake Sponsors: G.I. Joe Public Service Announcement

o   Roadblock raps about talking to strangers!

·      Maxwell’s University of Leadership: Irrefutable Law #4

o   The Law of Navigation (“Anyone can steer the ship, but it takes a leader to chart the course.”)

§  Saving Private Ryan – The complaint chain of command goes up.

§  If you badmouth the boss, it will get back to her.

§  Faith is defines as “belief without empirical knowledge!”

Enjoy all this and more on the 30th Episode Spectacular!  Laser, pyros, and flamethrowers abound!!!

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Episode 29 of the Rock Star Principals’ Podcast is “bad to the bone!” And that’s “bad” as in “good!” Listen in for:


·      “Should Principals Stop Visiting Classrooms” from the Washington Post by Valerie Strauss (@valeriestrauss)

o   Daniel Willingham research shows a weak or non-existent relationship between student achievement and the priority a principals puts on Instructional Leadership

o   New research (Grissom, Loeb, & Master, 2013) indicates that informal principal classroom walkthroughs are negatively associated with achievement

o   What do the Rock Stars think of all this??? Listen!

·      A Word From Our Fake Sponsors: 1970’s Devil Dogs

·      The Maxwell University of Leadership (@JohnCMaxwell)

o   Irrefutable Law #3: The Law of Process: Leadership Develops Daily

o   And…Robocop

o   And…Franki Valli and the Four Seasons

·      “Who Are the People in Your Twitterhood?”

o   @ericdaney

o   @DrBillZiegler

o   @bethhill2829

o   All of these people were part of the first ever #PAESSPChat held on Thursdays at 8pm EST (@PAESSP, @NASSP, @NAESP)

o   And…falling in love with Siri…

·      Rock Star Resolutions

o   Fitness via Beachbody’s “Body Beast” Program (@Beachbody, @BodyBeast)

o   Xbox Nike+ Kinect (@Nike, @Xbox)

o   MyFitnessPal for Calorie and Nutrition Tracking (@MyFitnessPal)

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Happy New Year, Rock Star!  See you later 2013 and welcome 2014!  Today's episode wraps up the year:

  • Year End Review for 2013
    • Technology Trends from 2013: IOS 7, Vine, Snapchat, and More Social Media!
    • "Stressed Out Teens" from by Kelly Wallace @kellywallacetv
    • "Selfies Aren't All Bad" from by Kelly Wallace
    • Video Gaming and Parent Responsibility: Grand Theft Auto 5 @RockstarGames
    • BYOD
    • The Apple Holiday Ad
  • A Word from Our Fake Sponsors: AT+T "It's Not Complicated" New Year's Ad @ATT
  • "Who Are the People in Our Twitterhood?"
    • @Fearless_Teach - Traci Logue
    • @micheleborba - Michele Borba (author, psychologist, Today show contributor)
    • @ACTAlonStivi - "Nuff Said.

Here's hoping that everyone has an Edu_Awesome year!  Stick with RSP as we all grow together (and prepare for world domination)!

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As the New Year approaches, the Rock Stars step up their game as well with new segments and emboldened discussion on critical issues facing education...and a whole lot of silliness.  Episode 27 features:

  • The Maxwell University of Leadership: Law #2 (from @JohnCMaxwell 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership)
    • "The true measure of leadership is influence-nothing more, nothing less."
      • RSP talks the 5 Myths (management, entrepreneur, knowledge, power, position)
      • Titles are meaningless? Both sides of that coin are addition to Pro-Wrasslin' titles!
      • The Office of U.S. President and Priests have "titles," too.
      • Excellent principals don't need titles or suits or polished shoes, but there is a time and place.
  • RSP Commercial Time: "Who are the People in Your Twitterhood?"
    • @staffloungin - A cool podcast direct from Canada in the real teacher's lounge.  RSP will be guests on their show this coming week.
    • @JApostol3 - puts out the weekly "Apostol Chronicles" full of great news and edu-stories,
    • @ThomasCMurray from Quakertown who was just recognized in "20 Ed-Techs to Follow!"
  • The RSP "Long Distance Dedication" Segment (winners of the Twitter FLASH CONTEST)
    • @JonHarper70bd asked "What have you changed about the way you lead?"
      • RSP talks about "taking the foot of the gas, @IIRPgradschool Restorative Practices, World Domination, and "Touchy-Feely Crap."
    • @Fearless_Teacher asked about how to get "on board" with an established staff as a new administrator.
      • Meeting and listening are key.
    • @TheWeirdTeacher wanted to know about an "off the wall convo with a student."
      • Nick talks about an ES Student who used to build caves (nickname Bobby Bin Laden)
      • Jon talks about an unnamed music group connection with a student.  Nick tries to guess who the group was: hint-not Def Leppard, The Hooters, The Gin Blossoms, Fresh Beat Band, or the Wiggles
      • @CrazyJoeClark asks about our personal "Mt. Rushmore" of educational heroes and @khurdhorst asks about CAVE people!
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Happy Holidays!!!  The Rock Stars give you some hardcore educational talk AND Christmas talk!

  • The Church of Whitaker: What Great Principals Do Differently #18
    • "Establish clear expectations at the start of the year and follow through consistently."
  • Free Advertising: "Who are the People in Your Twitter-Hood?"
  • Maxwell University of Leadership: 21 Irrefutable Laws
    • As the Church of Whitaker ends, a new legend begins.  Jon and Nick begin covering John C. Maxwell's 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership!
    • Rule 1: The Law of the Lid
  • A Word from Our Fake Sponsors: Hasbro's GI Joe
  • John and Nick's Favorite Christmas Presents of All Time
    • Ultra Magnus, Rhino from M.A.S.K., Big Wheels, and More!!!
  • Musical Epilogue: "Oh, Holy Night" by Mike Indeglio
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We are less than a week away from the visit from Santa Claus, but RSP isn't waiting to deliver a bunch of awesome educational presents in the form of Episode 25!!!

  • Church of Whitaker: What Great Principals' Do Differently #17
  • A Word from Our "Free Sponsor"
    • Jethro Jones, author of "The Paperless Principal," @JethroJones, won the RSP Free Advertisement Contest!  The Rock Stars promote both his book and his website:! Congrats, Jethro!
  • Article Review: Restorative Practices in Minneapolis
    • The Rock Stars discuss the city of Minneapolis' recognition that Black and Native American students were being suspended five times more than other students.  So they developed a plan to change behaviors based on Restorative Practices (@iirpgradschool).
    • Jon and Nick have a lot to say about educators who believe in only applying "shotgun discipline."
  • A Word From Our "Free Sponsor"
    • Jon and Nick promote their new partnership with the Pennsylvania Association for Elementary and Secondary School Principals (@PAESSP) to sponsor a new Twitter Chat for principals and aspiring principals!  The first chat will be held on Thursday, January 9th at 8:00pm!  The Chat hashtag will be #PAESSPChat - be there!
  • A Birthday Surprise from Jon Ross and Elli Ross
    • "What is it?" you are wondering.  Let's just say it's 31 inches high with 7 points of articulation!
Direct download: RSP-Episode_25.m4a
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The Rock Star Principals are the proud middle school principals in the Downingtown Area School District (Downingtown Middle School and Lionville Middle School). The Downingtown STEM Academy, a magnet high school, has earned the distinction of being the highest ranked high school in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania based on the recently released PA School Performance Profile.  Jon and Nick spend some quality RSP time congratulating the STEM Program (students, teachers, and administrators).

Direct download: RSP-STEM_Special_-_24.m4a
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Lots to talk about in Episode 23!

  • PISA Rankings 2013: Crap or Fact?
    • Jon, Nick, Rob Farina, Tina Armenio, and Rachel Immel talk about the latest report and rankings as a result of the international PISA test.  Lots of buzz in the media.  Is it just hype or the real deal?
  • A Word from Our "Free Sponsor"
    • Jethro Jones, author of "The Paperless Principal," @JethroJones, won the RSP Free Advertisement Contest!  The Rock Stars promote both his book and his website:! Congrats, Jethro!
  • Church of Whitaker: What Great Principals Do Differently #16
    • Jon and Nick bring a ton of pragmatism and passion to #16, which discusses helping struggling teachers improve, succeed, or move towards the door.  What's best for kids?  Check it out!
  • A Word From Our "Free Sponsor"
    • Jon and Nick promote their new partnership with the Pennsylvania Association for Elementary and Secondary School Principals (@PAESSP) to sponsor a new Twitter Chat for principals and aspiring principals!  The first chat will be held on Thursday, January 9th at 8:00pm!  The Chat hashtag will be #PAESSPChat - be there!
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