The Rock Star Principals Podcast jams to all the latest and greatest in educational leadership! Join your hosts, "The Boss" Jon Ross and "The Doctor of Proctors" Nick Indeglio as they bring a unique blend of humor, timely topics, and "real" talk each episode. They bring the "Principal Perspective" to a wide range of topics! Rock out with "twisted steel and school appeal!"

In a super special segment that became its own episode, Jon and Nick spontaneously pick their top four favorite "quotists." They countdown one-by-one and discuss the person behind the quotes, the meaning of the quotes, and the impact each has had on the Rock Stars' lives. This is a "can't miss" edition of RSP!

Jon's List

  • Teddy Roosevelt
  • Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Vince Lombardi
  • Atticus Finch

Nick's List

  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Og Mandino
  • Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
  • Jim Rohn
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Episode 81 of RSP features:

  • Article Review: "Are Teachers Being Taught Bad Science" by Emmanuel Felton (@emmanuelfelton) from EdWeek
  • A Word from Our Fake Sponsor: Chuck E Cheese
  • RSP Advice on Battling End of Year Fatigue
    • "Successive Combative Syndrome"
    • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Techniques: De-Catastrophizing
    • Cartoon Character Imagery
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"The Boss" Jon Ross and the "Doctor of Proctors" Nick Indeglio bring you two cool segments today.

The first focuses on an article from KQED titled, "10 Realities About Bullying at School and Online" by Linda Flanagan Twitter @LindaFlanagan2. Jon and Nick talk about the dangers of labeling everything as bullying as they go through the salient points of the article.

RSP's Pop Culture Segment looks at all the #Batman movies in the modern era from the 1960's until today. It's a fun review of Jon's favorite superhero on the big screen.

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