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The Real "Road to Wrestlemania" Begins Tonight (2.24.2014)

I've always believed that the "Road to Wrestlemania" really begins the night after the "Elimination Chamber PPV." This belief holds especially true this year. WWE has a whole lot at stake in 2014. First and foremost, the WWE Network is a make-or-break venture (which I think will be a huge success; the WWE App already has 10 million plus downloads). Secondly, the 30th Anniversary of the "Granddaddy of 'Em All" will get a lot of attention. And, for the first time in three years, Wrestlemania is 42 days away and there are no actual matches set (Do you really think Batista v. Randy Orton will headline WM 30?).

Last night, the "Elimination Chamber PPV" started moving some pieces into place. Let's start with a match that I think has tremendous potential: John Cena v. Bray Wyatt. The build for this started at "Survivor Series" and has only progressed at PPV events. Cena can have a great match with a guy like Wyatt who has a unique look and in-ring style. You've got the chance to see some excellent promos, mic work, and actual in-ring physicality with Harper and Rowan v. Cena. This is a marquis match that people will want to see. Cena is beatable and Wyatt is hot right now.

While most people think we're headed to either Kane v. Bryan or HHH v. Bryan at Mania, I disagree. Vince isn't stupid. The time is now for Daniel Bryan. It's lightning in a bottle and the culmination should happen at WM 30. What's the easiest way to do this? I'd go with a Triple Threat: Bryan, Orton, and Batista. Over the next four weeks, make Bryan overcome all the odds and "earn" his way into the match by beating Kane and some others. Heck, maybe that can be Hogan's big thing as "Host" of WM. Let's see The Authority come out on RAW tonight and talk about the main event. Then Hogan comes out as WM "Host" and give Bryan a chance to get into the big match. Hogan's return needs to feel special; what better way than attaching him to Bryan?

I'm digging another match set in motion from last night: Cesaro v. Sheamus. Cesaro is getting hot and Sheamus is a mainstay. Maybe a double turn at WM?

I know it won't happen, but I think the only match for Undertaker is a handicap match versus The Shield.  The Shield took him out right after WM 29. Let's get revenge. 3 on 1 is a real threat to the Dead Man. Then, at 30, the implosion of The Shield can finally happen. Reigns turns face and costs his team the match after something happens. Then build Reigns v. Ambrose for the US Title through "SummerSlam."

Let Big E defend the IC Title on the big stage. Maybe against Mark Henry. I want to see the New Age Outlaws defend against the Usos and Golddust/Cody in a 3-Way Dance.

What about Brock Lesnar? Leave him off the card. Paul Heyman shows up on RAW to announce that Brock is irate and WILL show up at Mania and cause havoc. Have him do a "run-in" during the Main Event and take out Batista. Set-up Batista and Lesnar for "SummerSlam."

Alright, you've all heard enough of me. I've heard enough from me. Bottom line, I enjoyed the PPV last night. I'm excited about tonight. And I can't wait to be unproductive over the next several weeks while watching the new WWE Network. Hmmm...what will I watch first?


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RSP returns with an education heavy podcast full of practical advice and wisdom for all K-12 educational leaders in the field!  Listen today and contribute on social media or our website(s) to the conversation!

  • University of Maxwell: Law 7: Law of Respect
    • Godfather Wisdom! @LydiaBreakfast (Lydia Dishman)
  • Commercial: Who Are the People In Our Twitterhood?
    • @bretdom (Bret Domstrand)
    • @jenastelli (Jen Marie Robustelli
    • @DASD_DMS and @DASD_LMS
  • Article Review: Can iPads Upend Learning by @Kschwart (Katrina Schwartz)
    • RSP gets feverishly passionate about technology and resistance...
  • A Word from Our Fake Sponsor: Delicious Greens 8000
  • Article Review: 10 Reasons It's Ok to be Disliked by @tinybuddha (Lori Deschene)
    • Important and relevant for all leaders, but especially new administrators
  • Commercial: Our Favorite Podcasts
    • NPR TED Radio Hour by @nprguyraz (Guy Raz)
  • University of Maxwell: Law 6: Law of Solid Ground
    • Trust and Character

And visit our NEW website at:

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The Philadelphia Inquirer Covers the Rock Star Principals!

The award-winning Philadelphia Inquirer has picked up on the YouTube sensation created by the Rock Star Principals and Superintendent Mussoline of the Downingtown Area School District.  Click below to read their article!

Philadelphia Inquirer Article Link to RSP "No-School Snow Closing Musical Medley"

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RSP Quotes

"Every man has his secret sorrows

which the world knows not;

and often times we call a man cold

when he is only sad." - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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RSP Favorite Quotes

"No Plan B. It distracts from Plan A." - Will Smith

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RSP Favorite Quotes

"The successful warrior is the average man with laser-like focus." - Bruce Lee

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Here's the MP3 of the YouTube Sensation, "The RSP DASD No-School Snow Day Musical Medley!"

Parodies of:

Allentown by Billy Joel

Radioactive by Imagine Dragons

Living in America by James Brown

Let it Go from Disney's "Frozen"

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RSP Favorite Quotes

"Games that never amount to more than they're meant will play themselves out..."

Glen Hasnard ("Falling Slowly" from the motion picture "Once")

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A Quote from the Rock Star Principals

"Just go ahead and laugh at yourself.  Everyone else is already laughing at you." - The Rock Star Principals

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In less than 24 hours, over 50,000 people have viewed the RSP YouTube Video featuring the "RSP Downingtown No-School Snow Day Medley!" Now is your chance to listen to the...uh, amazing audio from the video! Well, let's face it, the title of the show does include the term "Rock Stars!"

Downingtown Area School District Superintendent, Dr. Larry Mussoline, has become known for his entertaining Snow Day Robo-Calls after 5 winter storms so far in 2014.  After a few community members pointed out the "Durham Academy" video and the "Bohemian Rhapsody" video from YouTube, Dr. M contacted the Rock Star Principals to see what they could do to keep things light and lively.  

And, of course, RSP took it waaaaayyyyy over the top.  A slickly edited video and audio assault on the senses parodies Billy Joel's "Allentown," Imagine Dragon's "Radioactive," James Brown's "Living in America," and "Let It Go" from Disney's "Frozen!"

You can view the YouTube Video here:

YouTube "RSP DASD No-School Snow Day Musical Medley"

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Dr. Mussoline, Superintendent of the Downingtown Area School District, has been gaining wide-spread acclaim for his excellent "Robo-Calls" announcing snow days and late openings for the district.  As others have jumped on his coattails and begun writing "ditties" for their announcements, Larry decided to go even bigger. By enlisting the services of the Rock Star Principals, the new DASD "No-School Musical Medley" will take the internet by storm!  Watch it NOW at the link below!


On Twitter: @rckstrprincipal

iTunes: RSP on iTunes

Stitcher: RSP on Stitcher

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Welcome to Our Two Latest Countries Joining the RSP Edu-lution: Russia and the Netherlands!!!
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The Northeast has been slammed by snow and ice!  But RSP chugs right along with some special guests this week!

  • A Review of "The Biggest Loser: Second Chances" Finale by Nick, Tina (Sister Special Education Teacher), and Denise (wife and saint)!
  • A Word from Our Fake Sponsors: Coca-Cola 1984 Olympics
  • What Do the People Think of Snow Days? (Nick, Tina, Denise, Avery, and Company)
  • A Word from Our Fake Sponsors: G.I. Joe Watchtower (Hasbro)
  • Breakfast with Galli Part III (Don't Be a Principal)
  • A Word from Our Fake Sponsor: Kool-Aid in the 1960's
  • Newsflash: Bella Cut Her Hair (An Exclusive RSP Interview)!

Don't get left out in the cold! (Get it...left out in the know, ice storms and such...oh, well...)

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The Groundhog saw his shadow, but 6 more weeks of winter is tolerable with the Rock Star Principals!

  • The Boss finally tells the legendary "Cell Phone Story!" You've asked for it so here it is!!!
  • A Word from Our Fake Sponsor: Staples Sno-Bot Falls in Love
  • Maxwell's University of Leadership: Irrefutable Law #5 - The Law of E.F. Hutton
    • General Zod from Superman II
  • A Word from Our Fake Sponsor: PSA Superman and Cigarettes
  • Interview Segment: Joe Galli Part 2 (Dealing with Non-Proficient Staff)
  • A Word from Our Fake Sponsor: Rocky IV Commercial
  • Pop Culture with RSP: Jesse Eisenberg is Lex Luthor

And More!!!

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