The Rock Star Principals Podcast jams to all the latest and greatest in educational leadership! Join your hosts, "The Boss" Jon Ross and "The Doctor of Proctors" Nick Indeglio as they bring a unique blend of humor, timely topics, and "real" talk each episode. They bring the "Principal Perspective" to a wide range of topics! Rock out with "twisted steel and school appeal!"
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As the New Year approaches, the Rock Stars step up their game as well with new segments and emboldened discussion on critical issues facing education...and a whole lot of silliness.  Episode 27 features:

  • The Maxwell University of Leadership: Law #2 (from @JohnCMaxwell 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership)
    • "The true measure of leadership is influence-nothing more, nothing less."
      • RSP talks the 5 Myths (management, entrepreneur, knowledge, power, position)
      • Titles are meaningless? Both sides of that coin are addition to Pro-Wrasslin' titles!
      • The Office of U.S. President and Priests have "titles," too.
      • Excellent principals don't need titles or suits or polished shoes, but there is a time and place.
  • RSP Commercial Time: "Who are the People in Your Twitterhood?"
    • @staffloungin - A cool podcast direct from Canada in the real teacher's lounge.  RSP will be guests on their show this coming week.
    • @JApostol3 - puts out the weekly "Apostol Chronicles" full of great news and edu-stories,
    • @ThomasCMurray from Quakertown who was just recognized in "20 Ed-Techs to Follow!"
  • The RSP "Long Distance Dedication" Segment (winners of the Twitter FLASH CONTEST)
    • @JonHarper70bd asked "What have you changed about the way you lead?"
      • RSP talks about "taking the foot of the gas, @IIRPgradschool Restorative Practices, World Domination, and "Touchy-Feely Crap."
    • @Fearless_Teacher asked about how to get "on board" with an established staff as a new administrator.
      • Meeting and listening are key.
    • @TheWeirdTeacher wanted to know about an "off the wall convo with a student."
      • Nick talks about an ES Student who used to build caves (nickname Bobby Bin Laden)
      • Jon talks about an unnamed music group connection with a student.  Nick tries to guess who the group was: hint-not Def Leppard, The Hooters, The Gin Blossoms, Fresh Beat Band, or the Wiggles
      • @CrazyJoeClark asks about our personal "Mt. Rushmore" of educational heroes and @khurdhorst asks about CAVE people!
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