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As the New Year approaches, the Rock Stars step up their game as well with new segments and emboldened discussion on critical issues facing education...and a whole lot of silliness.  Episode 27 features:

  • The Maxwell University of Leadership: Law #2 (from @JohnCMaxwell 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership)
    • "The true measure of leadership is influence-nothing more, nothing less."
      • RSP talks the 5 Myths (management, entrepreneur, knowledge, power, position)
      • Titles are meaningless? Both sides of that coin are addition to Pro-Wrasslin' titles!
      • The Office of U.S. President and Priests have "titles," too.
      • Excellent principals don't need titles or suits or polished shoes, but there is a time and place.
  • RSP Commercial Time: "Who are the People in Your Twitterhood?"
    • @staffloungin - A cool podcast direct from Canada in the real teacher's lounge.  RSP will be guests on their show this coming week.
    • @JApostol3 - puts out the weekly "Apostol Chronicles" full of great news and edu-stories,
    • @ThomasCMurray from Quakertown who was just recognized in "20 Ed-Techs to Follow!"
  • The RSP "Long Distance Dedication" Segment (winners of the Twitter FLASH CONTEST)
    • @JonHarper70bd asked "What have you changed about the way you lead?"
      • RSP talks about "taking the foot of the gas, @IIRPgradschool Restorative Practices, World Domination, and "Touchy-Feely Crap."
    • @Fearless_Teacher asked about how to get "on board" with an established staff as a new administrator.
      • Meeting and listening are key.
    • @TheWeirdTeacher wanted to know about an "off the wall convo with a student."
      • Nick talks about an ES Student who used to build caves (nickname Bobby Bin Laden)
      • Jon talks about an unnamed music group connection with a student.  Nick tries to guess who the group was: hint-not Def Leppard, The Hooters, The Gin Blossoms, Fresh Beat Band, or the Wiggles
      • @CrazyJoeClark asks about our personal "Mt. Rushmore" of educational heroes and @khurdhorst asks about CAVE people!
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FLASH CONTEST: The Best Topic Submission Between Now and 10pm Gets Segment on Tonite's Recording and a Personal Shout-Out!!!

QUICK!!! FLASH CONTEST!!! We r taking "coolest" topic suggestion between now+10pm. Winning idea gets segment on tonite's Podcast recording+shout-out 4 winner!

Reach Us At:

Twitter: @rckstrprincipal


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Happy Holidays!!!  The Rock Stars give you some hardcore educational talk AND Christmas talk!

  • The Church of Whitaker: What Great Principals Do Differently #18
    • "Establish clear expectations at the start of the year and follow through consistently."
  • Free Advertising: "Who are the People in Your Twitter-Hood?"
  • Maxwell University of Leadership: 21 Irrefutable Laws
    • As the Church of Whitaker ends, a new legend begins.  Jon and Nick begin covering John C. Maxwell's 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership!
    • Rule 1: The Law of the Lid
  • A Word from Our Fake Sponsors: Hasbro's GI Joe
  • John and Nick's Favorite Christmas Presents of All Time
    • Ultra Magnus, Rhino from M.A.S.K., Big Wheels, and More!!!
  • Musical Epilogue: "Oh, Holy Night" by Mike Indeglio
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Warning: Spoilers Ahead! 

Let me start by admitting a terrible truth.  I, too, am addicted to the absolutely horrible, cheesy, and contrived holiday movies shown on Hallmark and Lifetime from November 1st until January 1st each year.  One season, I wrote down the title of every one that I watched over the two month time span.  The total hovered around 50.  The terrible feeling of guilt overwhelms me at the end of each movie.  It's not guilt over time wasted that could have been better spent doing just about anything else (including writing up teacher observations).  It's guilt over exposing my two young daughters to media that doesn't accurately represent reality...not even remotely so.  First, let's state the common characteristics of all these movies:

  • Man/woman begins movie engaged to the wrong person
  • Man/woman returns to hometown and runs into former love interest (who is actually the true soul mate)
  • Some magic device intervenes to create Holiday hi-jinx and hilarity  
  • Friends and family attempt to help Man/woman realize the true meaning of the holidays and love
  • Wrong person shows up and eventually is exposed
  • Man/Woman ends up with former love interest
  • Holiday magic device makes everyone’s holiday wonderful

So, basically, by allowing my children to watch these films, I reaffirm the following fantasies:

  • There is always a happy ending
  • Families are always loving and kind
  • All problems are neatly wrapped up in 2 hours
  • There is only one person who you are meant to love in this world
  • Women mostly need to be rescued by men
  • Women passively participate in romantic relationships

Sadly, Disney movies, with the recent notable exception of Tangled, tend to fall into a similar box.  However, this season’s movie, Frozen, gets it right.  More than that, it’s a good movie for your kids to see, especially if you are the parent of daughters.  Frozen is about two sisters, very close in age, who begin their lives with an incredibly tight bond, but lose the closeness of their relationship after some “magical” events unfold.  The movie goes on to explore the notions of true love, self-determination, isolation, and even fear-mongering (meet the Duke of Weselton).  It’s entertaining enough, with decent music, comic relief characters (the delightful Olaf), and two “big” twists.  You won’t see either coming, but it’s the second twist that makes Frozen so worthwhile.

(Spoilers Ahead)

Frozen does a wonderful job of making you feel Anna’s pain from being shut out by her older sibling.  We experience the depth of their caring for each other through its absence.  Every event in the movie is a result of the fractured relationship between the sisters that is driven by their feelings for one another.  Also, throughout the film, the notion of true love is explored through the eyes of the youngest sister, Anna.  It’s determined towards the end of the movie that only an act of true love can save Anna’s life.  A quest ensues to bring Anna to her love interest, Hans, to receive the necessary life-giving smooch.  After a wild adventure scene and the first major plot twist, Anna winds up sacrificing her life to save her sister, Elsa, foregoing her own salvation.  Several terrible moments pass and then Anna comes back to life.  It’s at that moment that everyone, audience included, realizes that the act of true love was never about a prince or a kiss.  In fact, it had nothing to do with romance.  Anna’s act of true love was the sacrifice she made for her sister. 

Hold on.  Stop the presses.  Did a major studio big budget film just subvert the usual “Prince Charming Save” in lieu of the love between sisters?  Was the realistic message just sent that the love between family developed over 18 years is stronger than that of stranger you’ve known for less than a day?  Yes on both counts.  Take a minute and let that sink in. 

Now, I watched Frozen with my two daughters: Bella (age 5) and Talia (age 4).  As the movie progressed, they talked to each other about the relationship between the two sisters in the movie and they asked me lots of “why” questions about things that happened between the sisters.  It was clear that Talia understood Anna’s pain of being the jilted younger sister and Bella kept repeating the mantra that I preach constantly, “Friends come and go, but your sister will always be there for you” and “It’s your job to take care of your little sister.”  But during the big climax when sisterly love won the day, Bella and Talia were celebrating by hugging each other and yelling, “They did it!  They saved each other!”  For my money, as a guilt ridden lazy parent allowing my kids to watch movies, it doesn’t get any better than that.

As a teacher and principal, I know the research.  I understand that a lot is out of my control and dictated my social factors, peer relationships, and school experiences.  But in addition to the positive modeling when my daughters see me interacting with my siblings, movies like Frozen can make an impact as well. 

(And you can’t go wrong with a snowman named Olaf who loves warm hugs.)

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We are less than a week away from the visit from Santa Claus, but RSP isn't waiting to deliver a bunch of awesome educational presents in the form of Episode 25!!!

  • Church of Whitaker: What Great Principals' Do Differently #17
  • A Word from Our "Free Sponsor"
    • Jethro Jones, author of "The Paperless Principal," @JethroJones, won the RSP Free Advertisement Contest!  The Rock Stars promote both his book and his website:! Congrats, Jethro!
  • Article Review: Restorative Practices in Minneapolis
    • The Rock Stars discuss the city of Minneapolis' recognition that Black and Native American students were being suspended five times more than other students.  So they developed a plan to change behaviors based on Restorative Practices (@iirpgradschool).
    • Jon and Nick have a lot to say about educators who believe in only applying "shotgun discipline."
  • A Word From Our "Free Sponsor"
    • Jon and Nick promote their new partnership with the Pennsylvania Association for Elementary and Secondary School Principals (@PAESSP) to sponsor a new Twitter Chat for principals and aspiring principals!  The first chat will be held on Thursday, January 9th at 8:00pm!  The Chat hashtag will be #PAESSPChat - be there!
  • A Birthday Surprise from Jon Ross and Elli Ross
    • "What is it?" you are wondering.  Let's just say it's 31 inches high with 7 points of articulation!
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The Rock Star Principals are the proud middle school principals in the Downingtown Area School District (Downingtown Middle School and Lionville Middle School). The Downingtown STEM Academy, a magnet high school, has earned the distinction of being the highest ranked high school in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania based on the recently released PA School Performance Profile.  Jon and Nick spend some quality RSP time congratulating the STEM Program (students, teachers, and administrators).

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Lots to talk about in Episode 23!

  • PISA Rankings 2013: Crap or Fact?
    • Jon, Nick, Rob Farina, Tina Armenio, and Rachel Immel talk about the latest report and rankings as a result of the international PISA test.  Lots of buzz in the media.  Is it just hype or the real deal?
  • A Word from Our "Free Sponsor"
    • Jethro Jones, author of "The Paperless Principal," @JethroJones, won the RSP Free Advertisement Contest!  The Rock Stars promote both his book and his website:! Congrats, Jethro!
  • Church of Whitaker: What Great Principals Do Differently #16
    • Jon and Nick bring a ton of pragmatism and passion to #16, which discusses helping struggling teachers improve, succeed, or move towards the door.  What's best for kids?  Check it out!
  • A Word From Our "Free Sponsor"
    • Jon and Nick promote their new partnership with the Pennsylvania Association for Elementary and Secondary School Principals (@PAESSP) to sponsor a new Twitter Chat for principals and aspiring principals!  The first chat will be held on Thursday, January 9th at 8:00pm!  The Chat hashtag will be #PAESSPChat - be there!
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Do You Have a Topic or Segment Idea for the RSP Podcast?  

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